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Haiku Time!

Tarnot of the Wayward Bucket (oooh fancy) and I were discussing haikus for a class he’s taking. While reading his I realized the world needs more Magneto poetry so we came up with a few.

Bushido Gnome: red shining godking /electricity eyes glare / i break for shelter

timedingo: hahahaha

timedingo: the steel flows like wine. / swirling in clouds around you, / hell-bent to conquer
Bushido Gnome: the last line

Bushido Gnome: needs to be

Bushido Gnome: All hail Magneto

Bushido Gnome: torn apart like bread, /buildings collapse in his stead, /the tyrant in red
Bushido Gnome: this one called the blob,/ eats and eats and eats and eats, /may nothing sate him?
Bushido Gnome: mike ate the pizza,/ i paid for it why would he?/  cowabunga…dude 😦

timedingo: how many syllables are emoticons

Bushido Gnome: i dunno

Bushido Gnome: i was hoping none

timedingo: hahahahahaha

timedingo: god that ending is hilarious

I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend, what with going to a PROTOMEN CD RELEASE CONCERT ON FRIDAY, and a UK Football game on Saturday.  I’m not sure when my next update will be, we’ll just have to feel it out. Until then bust it like a king and go down like a hero.  You feel me?

Breedo knows poetry like the back of his hand.