Tekken Movie?

T is for Tekken

T is for Tekken

I noticed this today and I’m not sure how I haven’t heard of it yet but theres a listing for a Tekken film on IMDB, looking around on the ol internets I found a movie poster for it…or at least I assume it’s for it. I’m not the biggest fan of Tekken ever mind you, I enjoy the games and had a lot of fun with ’em especially in my younger years but what stands out to me is the casting for this movie. Take a look:

Ron Perlman Paul Phoenix
Jackie Chan Lei Wulong

What? Ron Perlman AND Jackie Chan?!?! In a video game movie? Either this script is incredible or theres an unscrupulous amount of money being thrown at this thing. Most of the other actors are lesser named Kungfu movie stars and what have you but to get Jackie frickin’ Chan for a movie about a video game is pretty fantastic. I now have this on my list of things to follow. There’s no trailer yet but I can only expect good things. Speaking of trailers theres one that caught my eye recently for a movie thats not due out til next year. It’s called the Book of Eli and it stars Denzel Washington as himself.

I’m not sure what exactly he’s supposed to be carrying that could “save the human race” or why he has to carry it cross country but hey mystery is part of a good trailer. I’m mainly intrigued by how much the movie reminds me of Fallout 3 which I played a bit of and enjoyed immensely. It could be that the experience with Fallout was so good that any future post apocalyptic media will remind me of it or it could actually be that they did “take” some ideas from Bethesda. I’m more towards the former, as it does share some similar backdrops and story elements but really so did Mad Max and that predated Fallout by a decade.

The other part that caught my eye is how nonchalant Denzel Washington can be in this role. Then I got to thinking about most of his roles and how I easily believe who he is regardless of what the scene entails. Evil cop? Alright. Angry bodyguard? Sure. Civil war general? Why the hell not? It’s like Mr. Washington can fill in any role you need. The next time I write a script and can’t figure out who to play the ghost of an architect who haunts the peoples houses he built, I’ll think of Denzel…because he could do it…easily.

GI Joe came out today and I will not be seeing it for at least a few days but feel free to blow my mind with quotes from it because I know that if you read this blog you were there at opening show and have already seen the movie at least twice. So lay it out for me. Did Dennis Quaid fill the 16 inch boots of Hawk like a true American? Or did he fizzle under the weight of such a tremendous role…I must know!

Breedo is knocking over fences, crossing property lines.


3 Responses to “Tekken Movie?”

  1. 1 Matt
    August 9, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    There’s no way this film could be bad.

  2. 3 anonimo
    September 20, 2009 at 11:34 am

    there only lack a krav maga character

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