PC Gamin’ Extravaganza

It’s been a while since I happened uponst the internets and made a post so I figured I’d type something up just to get the gumption goin’. I don’t have anything in particular to talk about for this one and in fact haven’t even named it yet but lets see what happens.

I’ve been playing a few different PC games recently so i’ll start with that. First off, I just got Plants vs Zombies, it was kind of neat for a while but it quickly lost it’s appeal for me. Some people herald it as a glorious magical super-fun zombie killing plant simulation experience, and I cannot fault them for the facts in that statement, it just wore thin for me. They spice the gameplay up every few levels and if I spent more time it might grow on me…no pun intended…but I really think I’d perfer to play a Warcraft 3 tower defense mod.

I also have been playing Neverwinter Nights 2 sporadically in hopes to prepare myself for Dragon’s Age: Orgins when it comes out in October. The Neverwinter series hasn’t really ever been a staple in my gaming cabinet, mind you, I’m as much into Dungeons and Dragons as any self respecting geek should be but I just was never huge on the idea of dice rolling in a video game…unless you count that one time I wanted to make an open world Monopoly MMO…THIMBLE LFG 4 BOARDWALK HAS EPICS…Don’t hate.


The problem is you don’t see Diablo showing me the number I roll to hit the several thousand pterodactyl-zombies storming down on my grill, instead it simply splashes their blood as they meet my cold hard steel. NWN is like the thinking mans Diablo. They’ve replaced guts with math. You have to pause the game and strategize, what spells should I use? Should I even use spells? Who’s on the frontline? Why is my bard not wearing pants? These are all critical questions you wouldn’t bother with in most dungeon crawling adventure games…but that’s why NWN is different.

Neverwinter Nights 2 brings about a ridiculous amount of customization I was truthfully not expecting. I haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons for a couple years now…I know…blasphemy…but I try to at least take a look every now and then to see what ridiculousness is blowing about. NWN 2 harnesses all of that wayward crazyness, the rampant amount of DND knowledge, and makes a computer game out of it thus creating a DND experience without the usual apple flipz and cursing. Actually I did have a fair share of cursing as the game can be surprisingly hard, but thats for later.

The customization starts when you make a character, who, if you have all the expansions can be anything from a normal halfling rogue scamp who’s loved by all to a hate mongering war-king from the plane of fire whos hair burns as bright as his fury. This is the level of customization in DND now? I can be a dude made of rocks?!? Count me in. After that you choose your class which again gives you a ridiculous amount of choices…like Spirit Shaman which even after reading the description I have no idea what it is, and Swashbuckler which I’m sure, involves a fair bit of buckling the swash. Not to mention theres 15+ prestige classes you can’t even be yet. The game does not lack in the customization department.

Dynamite Jack, The Flaming Dragon.

Dynamite Jack, The Flaming Dragon.

I settled on a Half-Drow monk that I named Tyr. Now the story starts out and you’ve got a foster dad in this quaint little village. I love how you can be a super evil psychotic half orc serial killer with a ‘foster’ dad in a ‘quaint’ town but I digress…Tyr may have been a bad choice for a name because apparently in NWN the monks all worship Tyr. They literally have a monastery named after him. I was completely confused when I entered it and thought maybe it was named after your character no matter what but no, somehow I named my character after the god of my class choice…very peculiar.

So Tyr met some new pals and went on big adventures saving the world from evil. I’m a good 12 hours in so far and I’m not sure how long the story is but it’s still pretty interesting. I found that apparently I’m too ‘good’ when I play these games as I went from lawful neutral to lawful good fairly quickly in the events of the story. I do want to play through again and be as evil as I can murdering people left and right, but for this run through I just answered how I would answer if I were a half drow monk whos mom was murdered by demons or something…that parts still a little vague.

Chicks dig mysterious men...in opera masks.

Chicks dig mysterious men...in opera masks.

As I mentioned earlier the game does randomly amp up the difficulty like crazy sometimes. I entered a house for a sidequest, died and reloaded probably a dozen times before finally beating the guards. I’m not sure if they were just higher level or if I was doing it completely wrong but eventually after many loading screens I feasted upon their cakes and sold their swords. Thats another scary part of the game, the loot.

Theres tons of things that can drop some completely useless others…ridiculously good. For instance in some random dungeon I didn’t even have to enter I got a morning star that made my next 3 hours worth of fighting trivial. The loot used for crafting is even more confusing as theres an extraordinary amount of it. I’m not much a fan of crafting in my games, it’s a nice touch for some but I don’t usually go near it. Some gamers like watching their characters make new items, I’ve never really enjoyed it past my first foray with it in Star Ocean for ps1, where it was so new it was interesting. Perhaps it was Everquest’s Coldain Shawl quest that killed crafting for me…I may never know…

My shoulders, I can now brush them.

My shoulders, I can now brush them.

Alright so besides NWN and Plants v Zombones, I’ve tried out the new Battlefield shooter for PC thats a ‘freemium’ game from EA, Battlefield Heroes. The concept is simple, earn in game ‘money’ to buy items or buy the ‘money’ yourself with cash and get it faster. Theres a level cap if you’re not paying but it doesn’t hinder the experience so really the entire game can be enjoyed for free. I’m not really a huge fan of Battlefield games, vehicles were never my forte, but this did remain fun for a good duration.

The goals are the norm for a BF game, drive a vehicle to an area, capture and defend it. The class system is still in place and theres an obvious art reference from TF2, with a more playful style than normal Battlefield fare. The gameplay is rather simple but theres a solid amount of maps to keep things interesting. My favorite part of the entire experience was literally sitting my character on the wing of a biplane firing a gatling gun as my friend flew it. Gravity does not effect MrBrundo.

Out of game, the interface is very clunky but It’s still basically in beta so I can forgive it, logging in can be a hassle and it can also be very annoying to buy guns as it sometimes won’t count your coins. Also finding your friends can be a headache if the server gods don’t look down upon you, although I do recommend playing it with a few people you know. The best part is it’s a very quick download for a briefly enjoyable game, overall it was worth trying out. I recommend it if you’re bored and want to shoot some mans pick it up.

Of course, besides all of those I’m still playing WoW as well. Breedo’s guild 10-man managed to beat Freya tonight with 3 adds up so all we have left for Algalon is hard mode Mirmiron which some say is harder than ol’ Al himself. If anyone has any tips feel free to post ’em we’ll be trying him next week I think. I think I may record some of our future hard modes just for fun and throw ’em on here…assumin’ fraps doesn’t give me guff.

Oh speaking of WoW recently MMO-Champion broke the news that they believe the new races will be Goblin and Worgen. Not to blow my own horn or anything but those were totally the best picks I had in my previous post which is pretty sweet. Even had their factions right. I’m just sad there won’t be pandas, but I’m still hoping for a hero class as well.

Alrighty, I rounded this post out pretty well I think. I’ve got a few other ideas in mind for the next few posts so there should be more action on here. Oh, speaking of action, if anyone wants to play TF2 or Left 4 Dead with me my Steam info is simply Breedo now. Add me and we can tussle like kings. I think that about covers it for this update, I would like to talk about a certain beta I’m messing around in but I’ll have to wait on that one. Not to worry, I’ll put up more info when I can. Also I’d like to thank all the people commenting recently, this part of the internet is getting more and more busy everyday, I appreciate it.

Breedo can’t wait for the Park Place Expansion Pack. Now with 50% more park.


2 Responses to “PC Gamin’ Extravaganza”

  1. 1 Matt
    July 22, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    You think 4 maps in Battlefield Heroes is a solid amount?

  2. 2 Breedo
    July 22, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    Hey I didn’t know there were just four. I played for a few hours and never did the same map…at least they’re pretty big =X

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