The Sims 3: Oh Breedo you’re insatiable.


So I only recently started playing the new Sims game for PC. My previous experience with this franchise was rather brief but in my exploits I managed to have Gambit, Vision, Magneto and a pirate live together as bunkmates. From what I remember I had Gambit working the criminal career, Magneto was a lawyer and Vision was a stay at home man servant who hated his life. The pirate just wandered around eating other peoples food and living a pirates life, I couldn’t interfere with that. That was a pretty solid gaming experience all around but it seems ol’ EA has decided to up the ante with this new version that is The Sims 3.

Holla at yo boy?

Holla at yo boy?


First off lets just say the character customization is ridiculous, I made my usual Breedo Jaxon in just under 20 minutes creating a hybrid between T-Pain and Snake Pliskin. Now you get to pick your sims “traits” which are personality quirks that determine their thoughts in certain situations. Breedo was of course Brave and Charismatic, as well as Lucky. I also chose Daredevil because it sounded interesting and Genius because he’s that as well. This all added up to his dream being “International Super Spy” which I can’t fault him for so I agreed with.

Bravery would help him enter the career of law enforcement. Charisma seems like the best trait overall as it gives him a much more approachable demeanor which is somewhat demanding of a super spy. Lucky doesn’t seem to do much other than improve his mood on random days, while daredevil causes him to do everything “Extreme”. Genius helps him stay sharp keeping his logic going relatively easily, and this is neccessary as well for law enforcement.

After choosing my traits Breedo got to buy a house. I picked a nice little cabin looking place with a lake out on the edge of a subdivision. Breedo entered his home and immediately demanded I give him a couch. At first I was hesitant…how dare he demand from me?, but I conceded and delivered a couch upon him from the heavens. He immediately sat down and read the paper to which I could find him a job.  I set him up to become a policeman with the job “Snitch” and he started work the next day.  

The odd thing was during his first night in the new house I literally had a couch that he was sleeping on and the menial things the house starts with but a burglar crept in to rob him. Now Breedo being the bold, yet sophisticated gentleman he is, got up and proceeded to pummel the burglar into submission. This wouldn’t be a terrible thing except the burglar was a teenage girl…she left crying, ran to a taxi(what?) and left. Breedo immediately walked back over to the couch and went to sleep. Not only did he get a good nights rest but for the next 12 hours he had a special happy mood about how he had won a fight. Breedo was feeling good for beating up a girl…

Anyways, he woke up and went to his first day of work as a snitch bright and early at 9 am.  I’m not sure what kind of snitch works 9 to 3, monday to friday, but apparently its a solid job opportunity. Speaking of work, when you only have one sim it’s ridiculously boring.  You basically have to fast forward for 6 hours doing nothing while your sim does his job. It gets much more hectic once you have a few sims but with just one its rather boring…especially when you have to do the same when he’s asleep too.

At work you can set your sim to do random things depending on the job. I had him make best friends with his partner immediately and after a few days of working Breedo started getting romantic wishes about her. Wishes are basically requests that your sim would like at some point to be complete that you can indulge or ignore at your discretion. I was walking him around the park meeting people on a whim when I saw his partner and began to talk to her. She revealed to him that she was not single but Breedo was not discouraged, I immediately stopped talking to her and talked up a young lady walking past.

Breedo found out in his first conversation with her that she was rich, which would be an odd thing to reveal in normal chat but I’m fine with, so I had him woo her using his charismatic charms. He found out she was good and artistic and…unemployed. Alright perfect, thought Breedo as he began inviting her to his home every few days until finally he proposed to her. Now this was about 2 weeks into Breedo’s life, he had just become an “Adult” and was already engaged. I threw them a wedding party and invited a bunch of random sims who walked around my tiny house with the single couch talking to other sims and eating my waffles from the early morning. I would love to go to a party like this myself but apparently these people were haters because most of them complained and left.

Speaking of waffles I forgot to mention you get to choose your sims favorite food, mine started on waffles oddly enough so Breedo makes them almost every morning. I wasn’t planning on him being a cook but he got really good at it really fast so I left him that way. He also likes to spend 2 hours at night making mac and cheese. It must be laced with lsd or something because I don’t know why it takes him so long to make it but he seems to enjoy it.

Alright so after the wedding party it asked if I wanted to move in with my rich young fiance, to which I agreed. So it opens up this screen and has my old house and the new one which is a $200k  house compared to my 10k one. Apparently she lives with her elderly parents who make retirement money and one of whom I’d already met in a park…who I found out was evil.


Oh Breedo, thinkin about his daughter.

Oh Breedo, thinkin about his daughter.


Alright, so I move Breedo into her house sell my old one and rename their estate to the Jaxon estate. Alls well in Breedos world as now not only is my fiance part of my control now but her evil elderly parents are as well.  Turns out her dad is a retired vice president in a law firm and her mom was the mayor. So Breedo is sitting in their luxury dining room eating waffles as her dad walks in sits down stares at him for a moment then begins reading the paper. It’s quite possibly the greatest moment in my sims history.

After talking to her parents for a bit Breedo found out her dad wants to literally be a super villain and her mom wants to undermine charities…pretty horrible people for my honest super cop Breedo to be living with. So I begin just messing with their relationship completely. I had her mom bring a maid over and her dad hit on the maid for like 7 hours straight but it lead to no where as everytime I left them alone he began doing evil things and telling about how he kills orphans or something. That’s when I realized the father may be too evil to redeem and decided I’d see how long I could keep him awake. He made it 3 days before I got tired of clicking him, but the best part is he had hydrophobia and they had a huge pool in the back yard so I made him get in it over and over, basically sending him into a paranoid psychosis where he passed out for 5 hours on the deck of the patio. Eventually I let him go back to sleep but I’m convinced I’ll probably have to kill that old man.

The mother on the other hand is still evil but she does have some redeeming qualities. She likes to play the guitar…a lot. I left her in there for 12 hours straight one day until she was quite good and she began getting performance requests. I decided to enlist her as a musician at the theater and she just started as I stopped playing, so I’m not sure how that’s going to go.




Breedo and his fiance got married as well and his fiance started working in the medical field as a paramedic. It’s odd she had a request to invite one of her best friends over who was a girl, and she had a huge amount of “romantic” things she could do to her…which leads me to believe Breedo may have found the perfect woman. As for his job aspirations he’s almost to super spy but he has to spend more time rummaging through peoples trash and questioning townsfolk to get advancement, something he never seems to have time for.

Overall I quite enjoyed the Sims 3 from what I’ve played so far. Just a few things that irked me mainly the time waiting when you only have one sim and hes doing menial job/sleep related things that take forever to skip through. The other thing is when you have a bunch of sims, I mean I have four, it gets to be crazy micromanaging all their needs and desires I’m not sure how you would do it with more.


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  1. 1 Bee Sea
    June 28, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Oh Breedo, you’re insatiable.

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