Ulduar: Trash talkin’


I play a little game called World of Warcraft quite a bit and with the release of 3.1 I’ve taken both my priest and deathknight into Ulduar the newest raid dungeon.  Theres tons of nice boss strats floating around and while I’ve done everything but the hard mode boss and Yogg Saron the main thing we had to learn in a trial by fire was the various trash throughout the instance.  Most of it can be a headache and as such I thought I’d give a rundown of what we did to beat it. These are all experiences in the 10 man but from what I’ve seen in the 25 man it’s just more of the same mobs and for the most part can be handled the same way.


Flame Leviathan:

The trash for Flame Leviathan is actually the easiest in the instance and for the most part you can just steamroll through it.(no pun intended)  If you don’t want to do the hard mode and bother with the towers make sure no one in your raid talks to the giant ghost guy in the middle who mentions something about making the enemies tougher. Otherwise you’ll get to flame leviathan and all 4 towers will be up and you’ll wipe and have to go kill them all.

The only major thing to look out for in the actual trash are the two spider robots that come from above to the left and below to the right about halfway through the gauntlet.  They like to stand away from your raid like 200 feet out and chain fire around.  Either move far enough away that they jump towards you or have your entire group intercept them in their areas.  From my experience they always aggro even if you think you’re past them so it’s best just to take them out quickly.

 The Iron Colossus mobs are what have to die so that you can actually engage Leviathan and these need to be interupted by the steam tanks hotkey 2 ability, it works like a shaman’s earth shock.  If they’re interupted they do very little damage, and you can make your way to the boss fight.

The other thing to look out for are the helicopters as those can only be taken out by the gunner on the steam tanks. They must be the number one priority of the gunner and should be called out when they appear so gunners can target them before they do any marginal damage. Proceed your whole raid over the repair stations on the left and right and start the Flame Leviathan encounter by killing the 2 colossus in front of the gate.


Ignis the Furnace Master

Ignis has some of the most annoying trash in the instance but it’s much easier since they nerfed it.  The first pull of two Molten Colossuses can be troublesome especially if you don’t seperate them.  They like to use an earthquake move that interupts spellcasting and they also like to stagger it so you’re interupted for 8ish seconds if you’re hit by both of them.  The best way to combat this is to seperate the two giants by taking one with the bulk of the raid around the left corner and then leaving the offtank and a healer or two far to the right.  This makes sure only one earthquake will hit your casters and keep the heals coming.  At around 8% they enrage and can likely 2 shot your tank so healers need to be ready to pump out some serious healing when they get low.

After the colossusi die theres a debuff on your raid that bounces and can’t be cleansed that tics for a bit of fire damage and must be healed until you reach Ignis’ pool.  It’s basically an annoyance for healers that keeps the group moving until you reach the water.  You can intentionally wipe if you want to get rid of the debuff but really the damage is marginal at best and should be easily healed through. The next pull is 2 smaller golems that charge the furthest person away and shoot fire in a cone in front of them.  Have your tanks face them away and stack the raid pretty close to minimize charge damage.

Then theres a pull of two Magma Ragers.  These need to be tanked fairly far apart, we usually put one tank on either wall and have a healer with both. They put out a tornado that targets someone and that person must run in a straight line up the ramp.  The tornado will never catch them and hopefully it won’t have hit too many people on its trip up.  The only thing to look out for is if the healers have to run your tanks should be ready to use their mitigation moves just in case.

Clear one side first and then have your entire raid get in the pool if you didn’t wipe to the debuff so that it goes out and then continue to clear the rest until you’re staring down Ignis.


XT – 002 Deconstructor

The trash for Deconstructor is very quick and for the most part can be ae’d down.  The small gnomish android robots put out a forcefield that the tanks must move the mobs out of, we usually killed these first because they were the most annoying.  The XR-949 Salvagebot are a valid first target too because they shoot out saws that do a good amount of raid damage but for the most part can still be healed through fairly easily.  The only other ability to be wary of is XB-488 Disposalbot’s self destruct which they use when they get around 10% if they aren’t killed fast enough.  This attack hurts quite a bit and can easily down a few people if there are still saws flying around.


Iron Council / Kologarn

The first trash pull once you teleport inside after Deconstructor is a golem and 2 dorfs.  Both of the dorfs can be crowd controlled in numerous ways but if needbe they can be tanked together as well.  If you’re not crowd controlling make sure to focus the Iron Mender first as he heals.  The golem should be off tanked away from the raid usually just where he’s standing on the pull, as he uses an ability called Stone Fists that roots him in place and ups his damage by 100%.  The tank on him should move out as he casts this and stand a few yards away until he loses the buff. After the dwarfs are dead the dps moves onto the golem, just make sure the melee gets out when he casts Stone Fists.  When tanking I usually stayed in for a second or two after it went off to ensure I was the last one out in case a melee was slow on the run.

The next pull is 2 Rune Etched Sentries that really only have 2 abilities. They will need to be tanked facing away from the raid by 2 different tanks. The first they use roughly at the same time and its a frontal cone fire attack that does a massive amount of burst damage.  I usually used a tanking cooldown on the pull to keep the healing strain down. The other attack they have is a firey baton thing that flies towards a person and can be avoided.  The baton can leave a red pokeball looking rune on the floor and if thats there and they hit you with another baton it will one shot you so make sure to move out of the pokeballs. This is especially pertinent for melee as it’s kind of hard to see them and can easily cause all the melee to die in a single attack.

After that up the stairs is another golem and dorf pack and 2 seperate solo Chamber Overseer pulls.  You can pull the giant on the left first and then the dorf pack and then the right giant. For the giants pull the first one down the stairs they have a frontal attack that the tank must keep them aimed at a wall for and they jump to the person furthest away from them and drop a disco ball.  The disco ball moves pretty slow and doesnt do much damage anyway but its best to stay spread out and try to avoid it if possible.  The tank shouldn’t move when the giant jumps as he returns right to you and won’t use his cone ability for a few seconds anyway. Just nuke him down and then pull the dorf pack. Make sure to pull the dorfs down the stairs and keep the golem on the top where he can root himself but far enough away so that you don’t pull the other giant.

After you clear the bottom of the stairs you can either go up them to face Kologarn and continue in the instance or take a left and clear a few more giant pulls to get to the Iron Council.



After beating Kologarn and crossing his dead body you’ll be on the top of some stairs.  Go down the right half and set up on the circular area next to some stairs leading to 2 Storm Tempered Keepers.  This pull and all the pulls after it are in Auriaya’s walking path so be careful she’s not there when you pull them.  The first pair is really the only one you have to bring before you pull her though. 

My leet paint skillsz.

My leet paint skillsz.


Alright so let’s pretend that above diagram is the area you’re in with the two circles and the stairs so eloquently drawn on it.  The red circles are the two giants the big blue circle is the raid and the yellow circles are the tanks.  You must either misdirect or have th etank pull the first giant way to the far circle and the second is tanked just a few feet from where he’s standing but at the top of the stairs to avoid Auriaya.  The point of this is that the giants each can spawn a ball of lightning that must be killed before it reaches the other giant.  If it reaches the other giant he gets a massive buff that usually results in a wipe or at least a tanks death.  Make sure all dps knows to switch to the swirly ball of lightning and there should be no problems.  The only other thing to be wary of is they must die within a close amount of time as when one dies the other becomes enraged so take down the main target to 10% and then switch to the other and bring both down when he gets low as well.  Theres a few of these guys in Auriayas hall but you only have to kill the one group before you engage her.  After she’s dead you will have to kill the rest in a similar fashion, just make sure to give the dps plenty of room to kill the lightning.



The first pull is a Champion of Hodir an ice giant.  You must pull him back into Auriaya’s area because theres adds within that first room.  Spread out around these in a circle he’ll target someone and freeze them doing frost damage to anyone around the frozen person.  The damage from that is easily healed through but the tank may take a bit of burst especially if they get hit by the ice breath themselves. He also has an ae damage ability that knocks people down so be wary of that when healing.

The next pull is within the same room as the giant, theres small snow drifts that if walked near spawn numerous jomungar worms.  These are simple ae packs but have your deeps be wary that while the tanks might have aggro on most of them the newly spawned ones may run free if the damage is too high on them because the tanks haven’t had time to build threat.  They don’t hit very hard regardless and for the most part are worse if you run into them while fighting a giant or the last of the trash in Hodir’s area the Winter Revenant packs.

The Winter Revenants have 4 or 5 little earth elementals that go with them and must be tanked as well.  Nuke down the Revenants first as they put up a massive shield on all mobs around them including worms and giants, and then ae the elementals down.  Have ae tanks pick up the elementals but be wary that dk tanks won’t be able to build as solid of threat because with the shield up they won’t be doing much damage to them and in turn wont be dealing much threat.  It’s better if you have a dk tank to just have them pick up the winter revenant and the other tanks grab the elementals. When you come to the second giant theres a Revenant pack that can be pulled without aggro’n the giant, just make sure you pull everything back into a room thats free of snow drifts. At the fork take a left and hug the wall left until you reach Hodir.



Thorim only has 2 trash packs before you encounter him and I don’t remember the specific mobs names but theres 2 different types.  One uses two axes and the other a sword.  The one with two axes stacks a nature debuff and the other stacks a armor decreasing debuff.  These abilities stack very fast so your tanks will need to taunt off eachother at least halfway through the first ones death.  The armor decrease can quickly kill a tank if theres no taunt and healers need to be ready to kick it up just in case theres a resist or something.  Really it doesn’t matter which is focused down first as long as the tanks are swapping when they get too many debuffs although the nature resist one is a bit weaker on the burst.

The Thorim fight itself has a lot of trash that I’m not sure is covered in other strats so I’ll just quickly mention them.  The first pull is a giant worm and a bunch of the other faction’s warriors.  Just keep the worm aimed away from the raid and ae everything down.  When it’s all dead the enrage timer starts on Thorim so you must hit the lever and begin climbing the path on the left.  We always send 1 healer 1 tank and our top one or two dps through the side and leave everyone else out on the arena floor.  Have your ae dps stay out as well as your best ae tank.  

Outside the only thing to watch out for is the iron evokers, they’re small dwarfs who spawn alone and can cause pretty significant raid wide damage.  Single target them down as soon as they spawn.  The other type of mob is a vyrkul that puts up an MS on the tank and can be killed pretty quickly as well as a bunch of iron dorfs that are to be ae’d down.

Meanwhile on the inside once you pull the first mob the miniboss at the back begins shooting fire.  It’s exactly like the dragon boss in Utgarde pinnacle with one side being safe and the other being scorched.  Just make sure everyone inside is aware and it’s easily avoidable.  The trash packs are 2 melee dorfs and a Dark Rune Acolyte which needs to be stunned and interupted while killed first because it heals.  Pull the first two packs and kill them then pull the fire shooting golem.  He will stop shooting fire once you engage and you just nuke him down.  Be wary that he puts up a melee damage shield that hurts the melee for as much as they do but even with one healer its fairly easy to heal through if you know its on him.

 After he falls your tank can pull the next 4 mobs, there will probably be 2 Acolytes just lock them down and take them out.  From here til the next miniboss theres a stream of dwarfs so kill your way quickly through them and get to him at the top of the stairs.  Once he’s engaged he stops spawning adds.  For him just spread out to avoid the ae he puts on random people and nuke him down. After he’s dead the door will open and you will want to hug one of the walls all the way to Thorim because he’s got traps on the middle of the floor that put you in a stasis bubble.  Once you’re to him jump down to join the other group in the arena and he’ll follow.  Have the tank pick him up in the middle and when a stream of lightning shoots out towards a pillar get away from that side of the room and you’ll win.  The only thing to be wary of is his soft enrage which causes him to slowly do more damage until his unbalancing strike will one shot your tank.  If it gets to that point just have your ot pick him up and use his mitigation abilities.



Freya has the most amount of trash in the instance but none of it is really too bad.  The first pull is a group of an plant a centaur a tree and a dragon. These can for the most part be ae’d down the main thing to look out for is the tree who can cast tranquility and a hurricane both of which are very bad.  If you have a lock you can banish the Mangrove Ents and save them for last.  The only other thing to be careful of is to make sure the dragons are faced away, they have a breath attack that hits pretty hard. 

The second group is a guardian lasher flower and a bunch of little tiny forest swarmers. Be wary of a pat if you go to pull these second, you can get them but the pat is also a viable choice.  These must be split as when they are close they buff each other and heal to full.  The giant one will summon the little ones to him and if this happens the little ones will completely drop aggro.  The best way to counter this is to use an AE stun and run the large flower who is unstunnable away from the little ones to finish him off.  The best way to kill them period is to not let him teleport them at all and burn him down before he uses it. After the large flower is dead the small ones can be ae’d down no problem.

The next pull is a patrol of a giant treant and a nymph.  This group is fairly easy just kill the nymph first as she can heal, make sure to dispel anything she puts on herself and then move onto the tree.  The tree puts a quake on the ground usually on the tank that causes rocks to fly up and does a good amount of damage.  Everyone can move out of it but the treant tank as the longer he fights the treant the slower he moves until he’s rooted all together.

Theres a lot of trash in the area but theres a miniboss on each side that must be killed unless you want to face Freya’s hardmode.  I’ll run through each of them real quick. Elder Stonebark is the first you’ll encounter and he has three abilities.  The first major one is ground tremor which you’ll get a warning when hes casting and it’s exactly like Ignis’s Ignite ability and interupts you if you’re casting.  Have your casters be wary of this and stop casting if he goes to use it.  The second thing he does is stone fists just like the golems earlier only he doesn’t root himself.  The tank will have to run immediately when he starts casting it.  Intervene can help here if your tank is a warrior, if not its fairly easy to get away from him just don’t run too far back towards Auriaya’s area as he will reset.  The final thing he does is a melee damage shield that needs to be healed through.

The second Elder is Ironbranch in the back right corner.  He only has two attacks the major one being impale which he will put on the tank and it does an absurd amount of damage so just have the healers prepared for spike damage.  The second is iron roots which works like the demon guy in kara’s demon chains.  You have to break the person out of them or they take dot damage.  The only difference is they can still attack and can in fact attack their own roots so if all else fails they can break themselves out.  He’s relatively easy as long as the tank stays up.

Elder Brightleaf is the final elder in the back left corner and is probably the easiest.  He only has one ability and its a sunbeam that when your raid stand in it they gain 5% damage over time but for every person who stands in it he gains that much damage as well.  If you want to kill your tank for some reason you could have the whole raid stand in it but otherwise just have a dps or two hop in if they want and burn him down.  His normal melee damage is negligible and hes easier than some of the trash.  It is recommended if you want to try hard mode to just leave him up first because all he gives her is the sun beam ability and as long as your raid stays out of them her fight is basically the same.



Mirmiron has some of the most interesting trash in the game so far.  The first pull involves an Arachnopod Destroyer some “Trash” and probably one or two Clockwork Sappers. You will need to ae tank most of this and while the Sappers can be feared and is a valid tactic I don’t believe any other cc works.  If the sappers can be sheeped that would be handy as well because they have an ability targeted at a random mana user that hits really hard and drains an absurd amount of mana.  The last time we cleared these guys however the mana drain was not working so it’s unknown if thats a bug or if it’s intentional.  

The first thing you should take down is the Arachnopod Destroyer, once it gets to 20%~ the Clockwork Mechanic will leap out of it and someone can get in it.  The mechanic must then be killed keeping stuns and interupts on him because he tries to lay down an Ice Turret which does immense damage to the melee near it. After the mechanic is dead move on to the sappers and then finally ae the trash down.  When the sappers die their bodies glow with energy and then a few seconds later they explode for massive damage so make sure you have no one near their bodies or they will die.  Whoever you decide takes the Arachnopod Destroyer can then use it to pull the next pack and tank as much of the trash and sappers as he can.  Continue killing them in this order and move pretty fast so you can have upwards of 2 Arachnopod Destroyers under your control a pull.  In some of the pulls there can be a Boombot which explodes for 18kish and must be either pulled away and intentionally detonated by someone or have the destroyers detonate them by initiating the pull.

If they return the mana drain to the Sappers then they will need to be cc’d by chain fears or stuns to keep your casters from going completely oom a few seconds into the fight. After you clear these packs of trash you’ll get on a train and take it to Mirmirons area.  There will be bomb bots that cross the circle constantly so just avoid them like the slimes in Naxx and you’re ready to engage Mirmiron.


General Vezax

The first few pulls of Vezax’s area are relatively easy, crowd control works on most of the things just keep the large golems away from the raid and take down the twilight guys starting one at a time, then move on to the larger ones.  After you kill the first pulls you’ll get to a room with a large faceless one and stained glass windows.  To pull him make sure everyone charges up the stairs to keep line of sight.  These mobs cast a dark meteor thing that you can see flying at you and easily avoid.  The damage isnt very rough but they do drain mana from the whole group so any less healing the healers have to do the better.  At every 25% of its health missing it will spawn a giant voidwalker that will need to be offtanked and burned down.  When these spawn they like to randomly one shot a melee so have the melee be very careful around 75% 50% and 25% so that they don’t accidentally pick up the add and die.  You can’t harm the faceless one while these are up so all dps needs to switch to them.  The whole time you’re fighting these the mana burn is still happening so the faster everything dies the better.

After going through the door and down a bunch of broken pillars you get your first sight of Vezax and the absurd amount of trash he has.  Drop down to the left and get ready for the first pull.  All of the mobs can be cc’d and its recommended you do so.  The Twilight Adherent can heal as well as fear so they should be a sheep/repentance priority.  The fire elemental can be banished and the Pyromancers and Frost mages will need to be interupted/death gripped to be brought in at range or they will just stand back and cast.  Technically you can have a ranged dps just ranged tank one of them down with the help of the other ranged while your melee kills the shadowblades and slayers.  Make sure the cc stays on the adherant until the end or until you’re ready for him as a fear can be very bad for the first pull or two and get you adds.  Also be very wary of pets especially dk ones as they like to randomly jump to other groups because of the close proximity and can also easily be feared far away.

After you kill this first group you’ll have a few seconds to hit drink before the faceless one in the back moves up and aggros you.  He’s exactly like the one upstairs and should be fought the same way.  Try to spread out as much as you can and get as much mana back before he comes in so that you won’t run out from his burn. The next pull doesn’t have a faceless one attached to it and works like the previous twilight pull.  The one after that however has the second faceless connected to it so make sure you’re ready when you pull it.  Finally kill the final group on the far right side and then you can try your hand at Vezax.

Alright that’s it.  Thats as far as I’ve gotten and I’m not sure that YS has trash anyway, it seems you just walk right into his room after Vezax.  I hope this was helpful and if anyone has any questions feel free to comment.


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    June 9, 2009 at 1:48 am

    nice one, really helpful, thanks. it’s easy to find boss strats, but not so easy to find the info on the trash. ty.

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