Drinking Tier: Work in Progress.


That's my girl.

That's a good girl.


Let’s say you want to know how much of a badass you are compared to your friends when downing your favorite alcholic beverage.  Let’s say you usually want to keep track of how much you’re drinking but eventually lose it from lack of motivation and pass out in a pool of your own fluids.  How about we find a way to end that once and for all?

I introduce to you the Drinking Tier.  Basically for every shot worth of booze you have counts for one tier.  Each tier is then represented by a famous person that you best compare to.  It’s sort of like those forum post games except the tiers are meaningful instead of completely random.  For instance if you’re drinking one shot you’re Muppet Baby level of intoxicated, meaning that a muppet baby’s limit is one drink.  If you’ve somehow managed 30 shots you’re now Wolverine drunk. Now in order by amount of shots starting with one, I present the list:

Drinking Tier List:

Muppet Babies

Mr. Ed

Dr. Dog

Bill Cosby



Abraham Lincoln

Anne Hathaway


Wilford Brumley

Patrick Stewart

Kelly Clarkson

Will Smith

Lebron James

Rich Brooks

Bugs Bunny

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Willis

Russell Crowe

50 Cent

Solid Snake


Natalie Portman


Papa Smurf

Kurt Russell

Neil Patrick Harris


Early Cuyler


The list is subject to change and is a work in progress.  At some point there may even be multiple people per tier to help identify what exact drinking pattern you share with which celebrity.  Any recommendations are welcome.


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