King of the Hill: The Drinking Game


I had to see Peggy naked to get this.

I had to see Peggy naked to get this.


King of the HIll is a cartoon I never really watched before it started showing on Adult Swim, which is actually a shame because it’s very funny.  I don’t know for sure what changed between then and now but before I couldn’t even tolerate it and now I quite enjoy it.  Time changes a man I suppose…Well anyway this is about one of the greatest fantasy drinking games of all time.  It’s not for the light hearted or weak kidneyed, and may change the way you view Arlen Texas forever.

There are numerous ways to play.  To start you’re going to need the fine adult beverage of your choice.  I always watch King of the Hill with a handle of sippin’ whiskey but to each their own. You’ll also need ample loungin’ room and the sound turned on. Here are the tried an’ true methods starting with the easiest.


Those are some persuasive signs.

Those are some persuasive signs.


Alright this one is very easy and usually only gets you a few shots tops.  Anytime Hank says “Propane” you take a shot.  From my experience this usually leads to 3 or 4 shots an episode unless its a heavy Hank work oriented one.  Even those you’re most likely ever going to come out with 7 or 8 tops.  If you want added danger you could make it anytime ANYONE says propane but really thats what the other styles are for, and that could lead to a pretty large amount of shots.

This is the usual method for the KotH:DG and as such is the most widely accepted.


Dammit Bobby.

Dammit Bobby.

The second tier of KotH:TDG can be a complete crapshoot but also can be the most fun.  Anytime Hank says “Bobby” you take a shot.  This can start getting ridiculous in some episodes as he’ll rapid fire it 4 or 5 times in one dialogue exchange.  Other episodes he’ll only say it two or three times.  Really you should stick to Hank only for this one as if you throw in others it could quickly get out of hand.  In one episode there was something akin to 21 Bobby’s said by various people throughout the episode.  Do this one with care.


You are a very scary person.

You are a very scary person.

 The third and final tier is a combination of the first two in addition to the word Arlen.  The first two still work the same with just Hank, but Arlen goes for everyone…and for every Arlen you have to do two shots.  I’m going to be straight with you, this could very well kill you.  There’s episodes where they say Arlen upwards of 10 times and that on top of Bobby and Propane…well…thats a lot of liquor.  You might as well plan to just kill an entire fifth in 30 minutes if you’re going with this method.  The other scary part is these show on Adult Swim at least in hour blocks…sometimes hour and a half blocks.  You aren’t going to make it past the first one with this method…I wouldn’t even try.

There you have it, King of the Hill: The Drinking Game in all its majesty.  It’s rather simple really, like most great drinking games, all you need is some booze and a seat on the couch with 30 minutes to spare.  I leave you now with the new PJ Harvey video which is amazing:



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