The Formalities

What exactly are you doing here, in my home?  I’ve decided to try blogging for real. (for once)  I’m going to aim to share things on this page that I find relevant and that many would find irrelevant.  I’ll review things here for future generations to cherish, you know in case people forget how good Reboot was, or how awesome the video for Enrique Iglesias’ song Hero was.

What can I expect? Well hopefully some consistancy for once.  I plan on reviewing some different stuff just to keep my writing up.  That stuff includes but of course is not limited to music, movies, games, comics, and of course candleholders. I don’t plan that it will always be relevant so you should throw any expectations of that out of the window. Hopefully it’ll be more entertaining than this paragraph.

Who do you think you are? I consider myself a wendigo/gnome born in the body of a man.  Given a choice, I would have been born an astronaught fireman, putting fires out in space, but with the realization theres no oxygen…things just won’t burn good.  Burn well?  Regardless, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on much (blueberry muffin eating being an exception) but I do like to think I have an opinion and hopefully with this outlet we can share it.  I go by many names but heres a short list:

Steam? [AS]Renegade Pope

Gamefaqs? BushidoGnome

Wow? Renfield/Breedo on the Elune server.

Lets see some favorites.  I gotta know if you’re cool. Friend you are very pushy:

Movies: Brotherhood of the Wolf I, Robot Anchorman Boondock Saints  Cowboy Bebop:The Movie Castle in the Sky

Music: Muse Interpol Tom Waits Eagles of Death Metal Arcade Fire Aesop Rock

Shows: Frisky Dingo (RIP) Batman the animated series Burn Notice Law and Order: Criminal Intent

So how are we gonna start this bad boy off? All in good time my invisible friend, all in good time.


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